Below we present you with past and current ClickTravelTips authors. We are always looking to add additional talented members to our team. If you’d like to apply, then please get in contact here.

  • Charlotte Howell

    Charlotte Howell is a travel writer and editor from the UK, who is currently travelling the world. Her favorite places to visit include Toronto, Austin, and India. Follow her travel blog www.everywherefeelslikehome.wordpress.com to find out more.

  • David Jackson

    David lectured in Science at a Midland college (UK) for many years. He now writes about places he visits regularly with the intention of providing useful information for visitors.

  • Jason Briggs

    Jason Briggs is a travel enthusiast, Iceland is my favourite, been there been there 6 times. Often joined with friends and family, also have travelled to each of the Canary Islands at least once. Been to a variety of places around Europe and Asia. Love food and sports and a proud Wolverhampton fan. Also a big film fan, best film ever made Scarface. @TravelBriggs

  • Jay Allsopp

    Hi there! My name is Jay and I am the creator of ClickTravelTips. Launched in 2012, ClickTravelTips was designed to provide travel tips, articles and guides. Since, the website has continued to grow, providing interesting travel content from individuals who consider travel to be one of their passions.

    I’ve recently taken a likening to the amazing country of Wales, which is home to stunning scenery, including; rivers, hills, mountains, lakes, beaches and more.

  • Jenny J

    Jenny has travelled throughout Europe including Switzerland, France and Italy.

  • Hannah

    Hi I’m Hannah and I blog about all things travel. Places I’ve been to, places I’ve seen and some top travel tips.

  • Nate R.

    I’m Nate, a freelance writer from Denver… I like to hike, camp and all of that stereotypical stuff!

  • Paul Allsopp

    Paul is a management consultant who travels extensively on business and for pleasure. He is interested in history visiting new places.

  • Rebecca Kenney

    Rebecca is as passionate about writing as she is travel.